Friday, 28 January 2011

Thursday + Friday 27th - 28th Jan

Typical. I start this blog and the very next day my car goes to shit and I cant get to the gym. Well nevermind. I've kept up my diet up and did what I could about the flat. Also started incorporating some exercises to build up my foot muscles due to horrible shin splints. Seems to be helping although I guess only time will tell.

Also got some new whey in the mail today. Nutrisport 90+ which I havent tried before so looking forward to giving that a go. Got some free creatine and a shaker which is handy and brings my total now to 3!

Hopefully monday will go as planned and I hope to through some cardio into the mix.


  1. i neverhaz free supps from mail. :(

  2. that sucks! Better lace up your running shoes and get there by foot!

  3. good stuff brah, havent heard of that whey before, let us know how u like it.