Monday, 7 February 2011

Monday 7th Febuary

Right, chest and tris today which i must admit i do quite enjoy. Something primevial about rockin out some bench presses. Pretty standard routine today, gym was busier than usual but not too bad. Tried doing a few push-ups and tricep dips this evening to test how hard i worked and nearly face planted the floor :S

All exercises were in the 6-10 rep range with last set being preformed as a drop set. Gonna hurt tomorrow!

Bench press 3x 70kg
Dips 3x bodyweight
Incline Chest press 3x 40kg
Tricep pushdown 3x 45kg
Pec deck flye 3x 42kg
Tricep dips 3x (bodyweight) to failure

Loving the powerade as my gym drink. Really nice and refreshing and less ofensively sweet than lucozade. Pretty tired now so off to bed with a nice protein shake in me!


  1. i look forward to seeing your progress, i love blogs like this.. good luck and stay focused!

  2. keep it up!

  3. That is ridiculous! Keep that up. It's inspiring me, actually.