Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Tuesday 8th Febuary

Decided that since people are following my blog more than i expected i'd through some shit in about my day and what i've been doing. Nothing to lengthy but expanding the diary aspect of this blog.

Struggled getting my buddy up this morning as he sucks at getting a good night sleep so in the end i left him in his bed and went to the gym myself. Shoulder day today which isnt my favourite but its quite short so i dont really mind. Tuesdays are always quite days in the gym so its never any effort getting to machines/equipment etc.
Typical 6-10 reps over 3 or 4 sets depending on the exercise. My shoulders are the part of me that i'm least happy with (although i know my back and legs need a great deal of improvement) but i seem to be progressing nicely. Added 5kg to my front raise and 5kg to my upright row from last weeks so everything seems to be moving forward.

Millitary Shoulder press 3x 40kg
Lateral Raise 3x 20kg (each side)
Upright row 3x 40kg
Front raise 3x 20kg
Plate shrugs 3x 24kg (each side)

Brotein shake and then home. Stopped off for at supermarket for a can of chilli for my dinner tonight. Great stuff. Has loads of protein and good carbs and low cal and low fat. I like to through in some courgette and sometimes some oats for texture.


  1. I Drink Protein Shakes,
    Also I Bench 75kg

  2. keep up the work man..

  3. Brotein shake. hahahaha. I'm gonna use that on one of my friends now.

  4. What brand of protein do you use?

  5. wow, thats a really interesting routine. keep at it. following


  6. proteins are so important. without them trainen would make no sense

  7. get ripped son dude you going to be a boss

  8. Are you going to be hitting the cell tech soon?
    New follower.