Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Tuesday 1st Febuary

Shoulder day today! Not my most favourite day of the week especially after yesterdays workout but it must be done. Again all set were with in the 6-10 rep range. The final two exercises were performed as a superset to save time and to increase intensity.

Shoulder Press 3x 40kg
Lateral Raises 3x 20kg (each side)
Upright rows 3x 35kg
Front Raises 3x 15kg

Finished off with some biking at a moderate intensity. Then protein shake and off to the showers. Got some powerade on the way home for thursday and friday. Not used it before at the gym so I'll see how I get on.


  1. is that shoulder press with 40kg dumbell per side? :D
    thefitmuscle.blogspot.com (updated)

  2. What, no pictures?
    Sounds like a good fucking workout, my man.


  3. Maybe if I keep reading your blog it will inspire me to exercise some myself.

  4. nice post
    followed :)