Thursday, 10 February 2011

Thursday 10th February

Leg day, ergh. I know my legs need a lot of work but the sacrifice is walking around for next few days like i've shit myself, struggling to stand up and wobbling all over the place. Especially enjoy the 25min walk home up around 50 steps and up and down a few hills. Any way not a busy day in the gym which is always a pleasant surprise.

Squats 4x 114kg
Leg Curls 3x 56kg
Leg extensions 3x 63kg
Donkey Calf Raises 3x 55kg
Standing Calf raises 3x bodyweight

Thats pretty much it and boy does it kill me. Anyways back and biceps tomorrow and then off for a lovely chinese with the gf.


  1. So what's the conversion rate between, say, squats and chinese dinner with the GF? Calorie-wise it's gotta be like 5 squats per one piece of General Tso's :)

  2. it kills u know but when u have 28 inch thighs cut like diamonds u will be happy

  3. thats how you fokkin do it bro. Following

  4. great workout man, it should really pay off